Thursday, August 8, 2013

Wave Bar Greek Yogurt Parfait

           A little late on this post, I know. Hubby and I just got back from a family trip out to Lake George. Much fun up in those parts, especially the hiking and grilling! Can’t say I found any 4 star dining experiences but I’m one who believes that when the company is good, the food is that much betterJ So with that, the eats were exceptional!

            Back to the blog….I recently was grateful to receive a few samples of Wave Bars- all natural, soft-baked granola bars that are packed with “deliciously disguised veggies’. I was given their 2 favors: Mixed Berry and Baked Apple.

            I tried the Baked Apple first and I was decently impressed with the favor. I was hoping for a bit more sweetness but was won over by the hearty consistency. I ate that one on-the- go all by itself. My next experience with this product was the one I am bringing to you today…..

            You want more bang for your buck, right? Well I don’t think many of you don’t, so here is a quick lunch for you or a snack for your growing kiddos that will knock your noggins off with nutrition. Being that I wanted the bar to have more sweetness to it, I thought of combining it with ripe summer fruit and some protein-packed yogurt. I am a sucker for anything with granola and yogurt so I knew this was going to be killer.

            Since the bars have a ½ serving of veggies in each one (they contain carrots, pumpkin, beets, broccoli, and kale!) and Omega 3 healthy fat, the Greek yogurt has mucho protein and the fruit has both fiber and natural sugars, you are getting a wallop of a deal in this not-so-average parfait. When I did the calorie break down, it was 170 for the bar, 130 for the yogurt and around 50 for the fruit- that’s 350 well-rounded cals if you ask me. For an adult, that would be a great lunch in a pinch or for youngsters, a winning breakfast or after school snack.

            So if you are looking for either a great and tasty way to eat more greens yourself or just on the prowl for sneaky ways to get some veggies into your children, I think these bars are your answer. As for me, I’ll def. be storing these parfaits in my mini-fridge at work for lunches in a bind. As for you, a challenge: try to find other tasty and quick ways to get 5 different vegetables either in your system or your kiddies at one time!

            Here’s to riding the wave my friends! Enjoy…

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Wave Bar Greek Yogurt Parfait
Serves- 1

OBJ: TCW be able to include almost every food group into a snack-on-the-run

1 Wave Bar- I prefer Mixed Berry flavor
1 6 ounce container vanilla Greek yogurt, I recommend Dannon Oikos ®
½ C mixed fruit

1. Use a butter knife or your fingers to crumble Wave Bar
2. Fill the bottom of a small Tupperware container with yogurt (or a small bowl if eating at home)
3. Top yogurt with crumbed Bar
4. Top with fruit
5. Seal and pack in cooler with ice pack (or if using bowl- eat up or wrap in plastic wrap for later treat)


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