Monday, August 19, 2013

FoodBank's Culinary Classic- 5 Weeks to go!

The 22nd Annual Culinary Classic- September 23,2013

            I know most of us like to enjoy great food and I like to think we are always up for helping a good cause. Achieving those two activities by themselves isn’t too much too handle- getting a reservation at a new spot on one weekend while sending in some cans of food for your child’s food drive the next week is pretty easy. But being wined and dined by some of NJ’s most acclaimed chefs while supporting a great cause at the same time- almost impossible.

            Impossible that is until now….I invite you and whomever you’d like to be accompanied with to the Annual Culinary Classic. At this event, not only will your ticket price go towards supporting The FoodBank of Monmouth and Ocean Counties but it will act as your gateway to some downright delicious cuisine.

            The Classic, in its 22nd year, will be held at The Mill in Spring Lake, NJ on September 23. This year’s event promises to be exceptional with Celebrity Chef David Burke in attendance and Brian Kirk & the Jirks keeping you entertained. There is an extensive list of restaurants that will be present to offer tastings from their menus. Next week I’ll post the entire list for you but as a sneak peek, I’ll let you know some notables: Chef Mike's ABG, BrandlDanny's Steakhouse and Shipwreck Grill. Not to mention, there will be wine and spirit purveyors on hand to pair with the cuisine.  

            But what’s way more important than what you’ll be eating or drinking, is what your ticket sale is supporting- The FoodBank of Monmouth and Ocean Counties. Back in June, I was able to take a tour of their vast facility and meet some of the heroes behind the doors. What I saw and learned truly had me grounded and in awe. Between seeing the aisles upon aisles of food ready to be shipped to countless families, I learned the following:
  •  About 1.2 million people live in Monmouth and Ocean Counties, with about 1 in 10 needing emergency food.
  •  If all the people the FoodBank fed last year joined hands, they would reach from Belmar to Trenton- 3 times!
In Monmouth and Ocean Counties:
  • Over 127,500 individuals receive emergency food, an 84% increase compared to 5 years ago
  • The number of children has increased by 150% with over 51,000 served in our local communities. 14,000 children are under the age of 5
  • 7.1 million pounds of food area distributed through a network of over 260 different feeding programs including food pantries, soup kitchens, shelters, senior housing and day care centers
During Super Storm Sandy:
  • In the first 4 weeks following the storm, The FoodBank distributed food for approximately 1 million meals!
  • The FoodBank’s Culinary Kitchen prepared hot meals daily for churches and civic organizations serving storm-stricken communities
  • The FoodBank provided food for hot meals prepared by emergency feeding programs for displaced residents
            And 2 last fascinating facts that I was shocked to learn was that 94 cents out of every dollar raised goes to supporting programs and food purchases and  that for every 1 dollar donation, the FoodBank can provide 3 meals! Wowza, that is incredible and more than just a bang for your buck!

            So stay tuned as I continue to countdown to the FoodBank’s Culinary Classic and be sure to check out their web page to learn more about their fantastic organization or their Facebook page to learn about this event. Oh and of course, I hope you grab some friends and family and enjoy a night out not only feeding yourselves but in turn, so many others!
Click here to purchase tickets or call 732-918-2500 to reserve.





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