Tuesday, September 29, 2015

I'm still cooking.....

Cooking with my little chefs-in-training ..... slow cooker to the rescue 

     Hi loves......just wanted to keep you posted about this here blog. As you know, I had my twinnies this past December and yes, they are keeping me busy. Hence, my blogging has gone to the back burner, waaaay back burner to be specific. 

       But luckily for me, and kind of you, I have still been cooking. Once a week, Saturday to be exact, Hubby and I have ourselves a 'date night' after the gals go to sleep. He is very into wine so he picks out something new on that front and I usually pick the dinner. Exception, he is quite into cooking steak so a ribeye or porterhouse is a frequent date night special. Kinda puts him in charge of the beverage and cooking program for that night, so no complaints here! 

          Here are some pics of what we have been stirring up! I wish I had more time to give you recipes but hopefully after my babies are 1 year old, I will have more of that (#yeahright). 

Enjoy the photos, captions and of course an updated pic of the princesses. 

Sautéed clams with not enough bread 
Naan Bread pizzas with ricotta, mozz and basil 
Herb-crusted halibut with sides ala Wegmans
You think I made this? no way, Espositos for a lunch with the little ones

Fig, proscuitto & goat cheese flatbread....afternoon with company
Not sure......I guess I was desperate for some sort of dinner

Bottles ready for the morning in corner......a platter of sorts with decanted wine ....nice one

I attempted to make flautas....which is just as fun to say as to cook! 
Porterhouse for two

Shrimp tacos on my fine china 

Coconut shrimp

Matt's Ribeye 
Inside of Ribeye....perfection

       So there they are.....I hope you enjoyed both my humor and my food.....they both make me smile so I guess that is a win-win. I hope to bring you more yummies soon. In the meantime, follow me on Facebook and Twitter to see more of my culinary skills in action. 

Our little Loves.....xoxox