Thursday, August 22, 2013

A Day in Cape May

A Day in Cape May….and a special someone’s B-Day!
            Taking a little deviation here my friends: today’s post is more like a journal entry rather than a recipe or review. Have no fear though, this is actually a 2-part post where the next one will feature where we had dinner. The place was so darn good, I had to give it its own write-up. I wouldn’t be doing it justice if I just mentioned them and wrote a few lines. No way, I give credit where credit is due!

            So back to part 1- Our Day in Cape May….also Hubby’s _ _ birthday! He has a huge problem with getting older and rarely ever wants to celebrate these occasions. I, on the other hand, love birthdays and applaud at any chance to celebrate. FYI- next March is a BIG one and I have already hinted at told Hubby to get started on the party planning :) Ah, deviating all over the place here….back to Cape May.

            The drive took a ridiculous amount of time, thank goodness I pack snacks. Our first destination was The Cape May Craft Beer & Crab Festival. Although small in size, the fest kept us well entertained for a few hours. We sampled many delectables from various vendors and found our favorite right away. The balsamic vinegar from Leonardo e Roberto's was exceptional. Thick and velvety, it had all the marks of a well-aged version.
              There were many BBQ sauce and rub vendors sprinkled throughout the grounds and we definitely found not only some interesting variations but some comic relief as well…
            I enjoyed shopping and found myself wanting to buy enough things you’d think it was my birthday! See, one happy gal…..
            Look at these herb garden labels, too stinking cute….
            Watch out, my next project- turning butter knifes into outdoor décor!

            After perusing the tents, we both were ready to manga! Oh, who am I kidding- we were ready the minute we parked, but thought lunch at 10:30 was something we should reconsider. Hence, by noon we were famished and ready to get us some crabs. I am still a bit confused as to why they call this festival a Crab one in that you were only able to get crabs from one vendor. One vendor?!? That is not a Crab Festival, that is a Crab Monopoly! Luckily, the crab cakes from the people in charge, The Carriage House, were super. Meaty, juicy and pan-fried to perfection. We grabbed a cute seat under a gazebo and eat in silence……maybe we should’ve eaten earlier!

            Once we were done with lunch, it was time to kick back and enjoy the beer garden and live music on the lawn….
             The options from Goose Island Beer Company were all tempting and birthday boy went with a few samplings that afternoon. Upon entering the garden and paying our entrance fee, we were awarded with one souvenir glass. Pretty cool in that now Hubby has a glass with his b-day on it….ya know, in case he forgets in the coming years. I hear those 30’s do that to you (wink wink).
            While enjoying the music, we had a surprise visit from some other special people… parents!.....
             They arrived much later than us and weren’t able to get a souvenir glass and had to wait in much longer lines than us for both lunch and beverages. Apparently, the early bird gets more than just the worm! Anywho, Dad went with the old-fashioned crack-at-your-will crabs and was feasting and filthy in no time!  Just like us, they were quite content with the offerings.

            Before we headed to dinner, we stopped at the beach to enjoy a few hours of some sun. It was (gasp) my first time to the beach all year! I was a bit uneasy though as I looked like I was ready for a day out, not a day at the beach. Oh well, I swallowed my Jersey girl pride and threw off my heels and dug my toes into the sand. Bliss ensued…..

            The beach was beautiful and I was able to put my new camera into practice….

            I don’t know if this is Hubby letting his age show…………..

            Awe….. I’m a mush, I know……

            Coming next week…….our dinner! Believe me, it is one you will want to read!  


  1. Those crabs look delicious!
    Nice post. :-)

    1. Thanks for visiting my blog Kym! My father was in his glory with those crabs! I stuck with the crab cake sandwich but it was mighty delish too! Your blog is great, I check it out yesterday, will be stopping by there in the future!

  2. great blog .... it was a really good day.... xo