Thursday, May 29, 2014

Banana Split Ice Cream Pie

Okay so it is ice cream, pie, and a beloved sundae in one dessert…..

You’re very welcome!

Oh and while you’re smitten with me, let me tell you how long it takes to make…….15 minutes J

I know, I really should wear a cape sometimes!

            Needless to say, but I’ll tell you anyway….this pie was inspired by this month’s Food Network Magazine. The original recipe had about 3- too- many steps for me to handle this past Memorial Day. I’m sure their version was divine, it was a thing a beauty to look at! But my here version, is kind of like a CliffsNotes one. All the good stuff, minus the time to conquer the real thing.

            I can’t say I got any complaints about taking a shortcut. Each slice was received with a welcoming smile, aiming spoon, and a quick turn goodbye! My only blunder was forgetting the maraschino cherries. Oh well, it remains to me be true- Food Network continues to outshine me! Enjoy….

Banana Split Ice Cream Pie
Servings: 8-10

OBJ: TCW be able to take a play on a Banana Split Sundae

1 graham cracker shell
1 gallon, strawberry/vanilla/ chocolate combo ice cream
½ C chocolate syrup, divided
2 bananas, sliced into ¼ inch slices, divided
½ C coarsely chopped walnuts, divided
Whipped topping and maraschino cherries, for garnish

1. Drizzle and spread ¼ C chocolate syrup over side and bottom of graham cracker shell
2. Use the slices from 1 of the bananas to cover the bottom of chocolate-covered graham cracker
3. Spooning one heap at a time, fill shell with about ¾ of gallon of ice cream. Try to smooth out as much as possible, it will be like a mound- no worries!
4. Spread the remaining slices of the other banana on top of ice cream
5. Sprinkle remaining ¼ C walnuts over top of ice cream
6. Drizzle, in any pattern you like, the remaining  ¼ C of chocolate syrup
7. Immediately transfer to freezer and let set for at least 3-4 hours
8. Serve with a decent dollop of whipped topping and another quick drizzle of syrup



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