Monday, September 16, 2013

Food Bank's Culinary Classic - 1 Week to go!

The 22nd Annual Culinary Classic- September 23, 2013

            Okay, it is the final count down UNTIL THE BIG NIGHT!!! I really hope I have already convinced you to buy a ticket, hopefully a few actually, and you are all set and ready for next MONDAY!

            However, if you still need a bit of persuasion…..

            With 7 days remaining, here are 7 reasons (in no particular order) why you should go ahead and purchase tickets for this noteworthy and delicious event:

7. It is for charity and to help END hunger, no one deserves to be hungry! Don’t you agree?

6. The Monmouth and Ocean County Food Bank does truly amazing work, as highlighted on their site and my recent post….so why not support them?!?

5. The restaurants on hand next week are enough to make me drool. I listed  and linked them a few weeks back and am still salivating! That many restaurants in 1 night, I need not ask your approval J

4. Celebrity Guest Chef David Burke will be in attendance. After researching and posting about him 2 weeks ago, I can’t wait to mingle with that Dude. I can’t imagine you’d turn down a chance to meet him…

3. September is National Hunger Action Month….now, more than ever, we should all be doing something to help fight hunger.

2. Going out on a Monday night extends your weekend, which makes me smile and fights those Monday-blues!

1. When I rehash and post about the event, you will be sorry you didn’t attend and having regret is just a yucky feeling!

So now you are convinced….I am telling, not asking…..haha, okay I am still asking…..if you are going to buy, click here my friends. I can’t wait to see you!


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