Tuesday, November 10, 2015

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Short Rib Ravioli
Star Ravioli, Moonachie, NJ 

         Hello my friends.....I'm back from my baby duties for a bit.....aka- girls are napping so I have to make this super quick....
        As you know, at least I hope you know, this gal loves ravioli. I really think they are the bomb diggity. I have yet to find one I am able to pass up. (seriously, try me) My favorite actually come from  a long time best friend's restaurant, Capone's in Toms River. But since I don't live around the corner from there nor work there anymore, I hardly get to feast on them. So I have ventured out to find some new ones to satisfy my ravioli-ravenousness.
      Enter these pockets of bliss.....found at Dearborn Market in Holmdel. I'm sure they have them elsewhere but this is where I found them. In fact, Star Ravioli has a ridiculous amount of varieties to choose from. Go to their site and take a look.....contain yourself though, it is pretty overwhelming. Anyway, back to these yummies. Short Rib filled to be exact. They were so delicious, a dozen in that box was truly not enough. The filling was all short rib, nada else. Here is how I prepared them:

1. Boiled water and got that ready for ravs
2. Melted about 3 TBS unsalted butter in large skillet  and added salt, pepper and dried parsley
3. Quickly used a vegetable peeler to make shreds of carrot and added them to saute. About 2-3 carrots. Let cook for about 5-7 minutes.
4. Meanwhile, boiled ravioli and added to sauce when ready
5. Mixed it around a bit and served with some freshly grated parmesan cheese.

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