Thursday, May 30, 2013

Jersey Shore Food Truck Wars

Winners Winners, Food Trucks Dinners……..and Desserts!

            If you were to ask me at age 9 what a Food Truck was, I would have answered, “The thing that brings ice cream to the neighborhood.” If you were to repeat the question to me at 19, I would have replied, “The company that delivers food to the restaurants.” And well, if you were to ask me yet again at my current age of 29, I would have said, “The hottest thing on the street since lemonade stands and hot dogs!” Followed by me barraging you with the whereabouts of these “Food Trucks” you ask about.

            Needless to say, Food Trucks are quite the commodity these days. Philly, NYC, Newark, Montclair, I’m sure Miami and LA too, have these mealtime miracles all over the place. With that being said, it is no surprise to have seen the turn-out this past weekend at the Food Truck Wars held at Monmouth Park, NJ. Up to 31 downright dangerous trucks pulled up, parked and proved to the hungry crowds that a stove, griddle or deep fryer in your back seat is no laughing matter. In fact, they are simply just an eating matter where your best bet is to find a truck you like, quickly pick your poison, and hope the line moves quickly. Sadly, I saw so many menus posted with X after X after X where the supply ran low while the demand ran high.

            Lucky for me, I got a taste of it all as a guest judge this past sunny Sunday. We started at 1:00 and ended around 5:00.  In the end, we tried and deliberated over about 25 offerings. Clearly, I wasn’t cooking that night!

            So let’s get to the gist here, the winners. These trucks came with their A-game, no doubt.

Top Truck: Morris Truck with their Delicate Cheese Sandwich, a combination of truffled cheese from Italy with Provolone, truffle butter, house shallots and organic sourdough bread from Brooklyn.

Ethnic Excellence: Pizza Vita with their Breakfast Pizza, mozzarella, crushed tomato, basil, egg, soppresata and truffle oil.

Guiltiest Pleasure: The Cow and the Curd with their Fried Cheese, deep-fried with Wisconsin Cheddar curds.


Cutting Edge Cuisine: Amanda’s Bananas with their Banana Cream Pie, soft serve frozen bananas topped with crushed graham crackers, whipped cream and Nutella.

Best on a Bun: Fork in the Road with their Braised Short Rib Sandwich, slow roasted topped with goat cheese.


Most Seductive Sweet: Gozen Yogurt with their Salted Caramel Banana yogurt, creamy, salty and sweet with bits of brownie swirled within.
People’s Choice: Bacon on Wheels, we sampled their Chicken Fried Bacon, enough said.

         And for all you foodies out there or for all of you who just like to drool, here is the rest of what we sampled….FYI,  those noted with * -------* denote an item that I personally enjoyed and thought worthy of a notable mention!


Angelotti’s Pizza: Sesame Chicken Pizza w/ Fresh Scallions


Aroy-D Thai Elephant Truck: Panang Grill Shrimp with sticky rice


Ahhh! La Cart: Southwestern Chicken Cheesesteak Slider

Burger Box: Mushroom Burger


El Lechon de Negron: Signature Slow-Roasted Pork Shoulder with Saffron Rice and Fried Bananas


*Empanada Guy: Lobster Empanada*


Hibachi Heaven: #Yum Yum- Hibachi Shrimp w/ signature Yum Yum Sauce

*Greenlight Food Truck: Broccoli Rabe & Sausage Sandwich*

*Max’s Hot Dogs: Jersey Shore Dog & Chili Dog*


Molly’s Milk Truck: Turkey Avocado Panini


*Red Hook Lobster Roll: Main Lobster Roll*


The French Quarter- A Taste of New Orleans LLC: Jambalaya


*Tony’s Italian Sausage: Hot Italian Sausage Sandwich*

Tony Boloney’s Mustache Mobile: Pad Thai Sub


Cupcake Carnivale: Gourmet Assortment of Cupcakes- Strawberry Lemonade, Red Velvet, etc.

*Wafels and Dinges: De Fleur de Dinges- Belgian Wafel with Dulce de Leche and spiced with a dash of sea salt*
*Freezy Freeze: Liquid Nitrogen Ice Cream Sundae with Salted Caramel*

Yours Truly with 2 of my favs...




  1. OMG - had the Max's Hot dogs and the Red Hook Lobster Roll - Delicious!!!!!! Wish I could have tasted the Bacon, but the lines were off the wall!!!!!!

  2. DANG!!! The Fried Cheese and the Fried Bacon look awesome. Looks like it was a great day. :)