Thursday, May 24, 2012

Grilled Nutella Quesadillas

              Well folks, I think I’ve stumbled upon a fantastic summertime treat. The recipe below came to me the other day when I was perusing my cabinet in search of something sweet. I saw the Nutella and placed it on the counter. I thought about my choices- dip some strawberries into it, spread it on some pretzels, melt it and place on some ice cream. Eh, those all seemed too boring. I wanted to be a little creative, ya know like “Chopped” style.
                With that in mind, I ventured into the fridge and peered about. And they appeared, tortillas. The little ones I bought last week for fish tacos were the perfect partner for my Nutella needs. No, I didn’t just shmear it on the tortilla, fold it over and call it a day! I decided to grill it, or like we do at mi casa, plug in the grill and let it get hot. I buttered each side so that it would brown and perhaps become pastry-like when heated. Luckily, that assumption worked as did the creation itself. They were so good, a bit salty and a touch sweet but gooey enough to make you crave just one more slice. Even better though, they were 1-2-3 to make and 3-2-1 to clean up! So with the weather warming and your grill in need of some use, I urge you to fire it up and indulgeJ Enjoy...

Nutella Quesadillas
Serves: 4
OBJ: TCW be able to use her grill to make a dessert in less than 15 minutes!


2 small flour tortillas
2 TBS Nutella hazelnut spread, divided
About 1 TBS unsalted butter (will not use all)
2 TBS chopped toasted hazelnuts or walnuts


1. Preheat indoor grill to medium-high or outdoor grill to low
2. Spread 1 TBS of Nutella on half of each tortilla
3. Fold the tortillas over, spread ¼ tsp butter on each side of tortilla
4. Place on grill, flip after 3 minutes or until grill side down is getting lightly browned, grill other side for 1-2 minutes

5. Remove from grill to platter, slice each quesadilla into 4 pieces, and sprinkle with nuts
6. Serve!

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  1. sounds like something I would really like. Good job!