Tuesday, December 20, 2011

To Be Continued..

      Okay, here is my dilemma.....I wanted to make Holiday cookies, I have pretty much no time except my sleeping hours to make them, I hate when I can't blog and share recipes with you, I decided to skip wrapping presents and make Easy Rugelach, they took forever to bake, the parchment paper went on fire, I can't vouch for an exact time to bake them because once I let them cool to eat, I realized the inner ring was raw, so then I rebaked and recooled them, they are cooling now and I have decided to shut the kitchen off for tonight and I feel so FRUSTRATED that I don't have a recipe to post, yet have amazing looking, and I bet amazing tasting, cookies on my counter! UUURRRRGGGHHHHH......here are the pics and I have a recipe but, as I mentioned, it's not perfected yet so hopefully I can let you know how to make these asap! Happy Holidays:)

PS- yes, I know that is one huge run-on sentence. However, if you were to listen to me actually say that, I talk that fast and that is how it would sound!


  1. yes ... you are a rapid speaker!!!!!! im sure the cookies were great. baking was your first talent:)