Sunday, February 20, 2011

Valentine's Day 2011

The following 3 recipes, the pototoes, crab cakes, and chips were all part of my Valentine's feast I made for my husband and I. To start, we had the chips as an appetizer. They actually weren't part of my orignal menu but we had some extra slices of potatoes from the gratin and oil already in a pan for the crab cakes so I thought, "why not?" And so I fried them up and served them up and we were one happy couple for part 1 of din din. Then, we had the crab cakes and gratin. I also roasted some zucchini to serve along side the two heavy hitters of the meal. I'm kind of a veggie freak, so I usually have to have some sort of green on my plate. Matt has grown to like this addition to every meal too, however if I forget, he rarely complains:) Well, I just wanted to give you some background about these posts. It was a fabulous meal and I hope you make it for some one you love soon......

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