Thursday, July 4, 2013

BBQ Bacon Chicken Burgers

        BBQ - good, bacon - great, burger - yes!, chicken  - oh jeeze, can’t we just have some beef? There lies ½ the conversation me and Hubby had when I began to tell him about these burgers a few weeks back. I know I’ve mentioned this a few times but here it is again, what is it with men and red meat?? Does it date back to cavemen days or is there something in their DNA that craves beef or are  steaks/burgers/meatballs/etc. all just survival requirements for the male species? If so, someone please queue me in….

            And until I get that answer, I will continue to replace red meat with white and have Hubby take back his remarks! J This burger was amazing, fabulous from the first bite to the last one. I loved adding the toppings into the burger for a few reasons. 1- the entire patty was flavorful rather than just the top half, 2- it was easier to prepare and to clean up this way and 3- (most importantly)there wasn’t one bite without bacon.  

            I realize this dinner isn’t revolutionary, but in my opinion it brings home some tried and true flavors that come together in a summertime cinch. Enjoy…

BBQ Bacon Chicken Burgers
Serves: 4

OBJ: TCW be able to incorporate a condiment into a burger rather than on top of one

1 lb ground chicken burgers
½ C BBQ sauce
6 slices, cooked and coarsely chopped bacon
2 tsp dried parsley
S & P: salt and pepper (healthy pinches)
Cheddar slices or 1 C grated
4 fresh rolls
Lettuce, tomato: optional

1. Heat the grill over medium heat
2. In a large bowl, mix chicken burgers, BBQ sauce, bacon pieces, parsley and S & P
3. Divide mixture into 4 portions and shape each into a burger. Place on plate, cover and let set in freezer for 10 minutes
3. Grill burgers 7-10 minutes per side, totaling about 15-20 minutes or until chicken is completely cooked through
4. Top with cheddar and let melt
5. Place on fresh roll and add your lettuce and tomato if you’d like




  1. Sounds delish and healthy. I'm sure Hubby loves whatever you cook!!

  2. Hi Gina,
    I am working with a video studio in NYC, and we are looking for bloggers in your area to be featured in our series. We came across your blog and are interested in you! Do you have an email you could provide to me to get you more information of what we are needing someone for?
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