Saturday, October 12, 2013

Summit Wine & Food Festival

Summit Wine & Food Festival, 2013
Summit, NJ

            Two days late, I know people. I figured it would be better to post today than make you wait until next Thursday. Aren’t I sweet? ;)

            So this week, an event Hubby and I were delighted to attend- The Summit Wine & Food Festival. We were given press passes and pretty much had free reign to attend almost all happenings. We decided to take two wine classes and partake in the Saturday evening Gala Wine and Food Tasting. Classes and the Gala were held at the Twin Maples Mansion. If historic beauty had a place in the dictionary, this place would be the definition. It had such glamour and warmth, I couldn’t help but imagine myself living there and waltzing among the many rooms (of course wearing some sort of Victorian dress too!). And although the venue was perfect for the wine classes and perusing, it was honestly too small for the Gala. The night was delicious-you will see below, but for the amount of tickets purchased, they underestimated the amount of space needed to allow guests to comfortably mingle, munch and sip.

            My duties here centered around the food as Hubby has volunteered to be a guest blogger asap and post about the 2 wine classes we sat in on. Announcement: Grill Master Matt has now become Grape Guru Mr. Glazier! Haha, kidding kidding….he is still GMM but as some you know, the man loves his vino too. So that being said, I am allowing him to do the write up on the wine part of our weekend.

            Back to the food…..mmmmm….such little bites but such big flavors we enjoyed….

Maritime Parc - Pork Belly……

Your Delicious Balance -  Raw Chocolate Avocado Mousse……
Park Avenue Club - seared Baby Shrimp over Roasted Corn and Bacon…..

Jesse James Catering – Blackened Shrimp over Maque Choux Spoon Bread (I don’t know what that is but hot damn, that was good!!) ***My favorite of night***……

Bobolink- Various cheeses….

            I must also add that we decided to stay the weekend in Summit and chose a great B & B indeed. The DeBary Inn was within walking distance to our events and was such a nice place to stay. The front porch was quintessential bed & breakfast while the service was fittingly opposite from any hotel chain you’ve been to. We loved the breakfast provided too as it was offered to us in their oversized Library and oval dining room. I never knew what the big deal was with B & Bs, but now get it completely.

            While attending some events of the festival and relaxing at the Inn, we somehow found time to go out for lunch. Correction, we knew this town had great eats so we made time to go out for lunch! Long story short, we had lunch at Roots. De-li-cious for sure. We kept it light but honestly still over-indulged which, when offered fresh popovers and salty fresh-from-the-fryer fries, is easy to do. So now that I have had their lunch, I need to get a ressy soon for dinner.

            So that was our weekend…delicious, fun, and worthy of a special Saturday write-up.

Selfie- Enjoying the Gala

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