Monday, August 26, 2013

FoodBank's Culinary Classic- 4 Weeks to go!

The 22nd Annual Culinary Class- September 23, 2013

            So did you buy your tickets yet? I sure hope you did as this year’s event is going to be spectacular. Like I mentioned last week, not only will your taste buds be in luck but you can feel good about supporting a great organization- The FoodBank of Monmouth & Ocean Counties. They do amazing work, truly. My post last Monday detailed some highlights, you did read it, yes?

            Back to that ticket purchase……Okay, so you didn’t buy any yet. No biggie, I won’t get on your case (just yet), there is still time to buy.

            However, if you still need a little nudging….. just look at all the restaurants you will be able to get a taste of:

The Beanery

            That’s 30, yes 3-0, restaurants for you, your friends and your family (you are bringing them all, right?) to enjoy. Where else can the price of one ticket allow you to savor what some of the most known chefs and spots are cooking up? It is a no-brainer- buy the ticket, relish in the deliciousness, and support a great organization.

            To make it a bit easier, here is where to click to buy: tickets
Coming next Monday: Spotlight on the Special Guest Chef: David Burke




Gaetano's Restaurant & Market

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