Thursday, June 13, 2013

I went to the Circus!

            I don’t know about you, but for me there are 3 types of women out there: ones who can cook, ones who can clean, and ones who can craft. In my opinion, these traits rarely converge on one lady unless they are Wonder Woman.  I am of the cooking kind, clearly. I can clean, but goodness knows I am no clean-it-till-in-shines type of gal nor will you ever think to yourself, “HHHmm, is that Pine-Sol she’s wearing?”  Ha, not going to happen. As for crafting, I think the only person who thinks I’m crafty is my Mom. Yes, I realize this means I’m terrible as mothers thinks everything their child makes deserves a spot at the MOMA.

            So since I can’t craft or clean, I find it very admirable when I find people who can. And since finding really clean things to blog about would be beyond boring, I’m more than glad to bring a post where you can see how crafty and talented some people really are.

            Enter my good pal, Juli. Check out this spread she put out for her son’s 1st birthday party. I heard this was going to be off the hook (am I dating myself?) from my Hubby who works with her Hubby. Word travels fast when men travel together, who woulda thought?!?  Anywho, this circus-themed party was just amazing…..and when I say amazing; I mean that I honestly don’t think the girl slept for weeks leading up to this party. Juli….I hope you have since rested up.

            Let’s look at this up-close……

The above photo was the main-spread. The details are ridiculous….


Below was one of a few, “treats” stations. Soft-pretzels, cotton candy, caramel corn, it just keeps getting better and better….


And of course, there are favors……personalized and perfectly placed….

The adults got to pick from this “thank you” shelf unit. Yes, I wrote shelf unit….

So you want to play games? You’re at the circus, of course you do...
Winner, winners, pick your hand-wrapped prize….

And no party is complete without a cake….

and the birthday boy...

            So what do you think? Is this not the most incredible party you’ve seen in a while? Aren’t you jealous you weren’t invited?!? Haha, joking joking…..Little Jack seemed to have a ball at his fiesta, although I don’t know how much he’ll remember. Oh wait, the 1-year photo shoot pics will remind him, duh!

            And as for Juli, she is in the process of starting her own site. I’ll post that info once it’s ready so you can look to her for ideas, inspiration or, if you’re like me, for hire! Enjoy…

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  1. So amazing! Awesome job Juli and thanks for posting Gina!!!!