Thursday, October 4, 2012

BBQ & Craft Beer Fest 2012

BBQ & Craft Beer Fest, Monmouth Park

            Think you love BBQ? Do ribs, pork, brisket and chicken all seem to fall under the same, “low and slow,” category in your mind? If you answered a yes to those two questions, then I have one more for you…Could you handle 24 dishes, finger-lickin’ smothered and smoky, in 2 hours? Well, I don’t know how you answered that one but I do know someone who handled, better yet conquered, an intimidating amount of BBQ…

            And that someone is me, a Jersey Biter who literally had her hands full while judging at Monmouth Park’s BBQ & Craft Beer Fest. It was one event that I’ll, my stomach especially, never forget. From ribs to pork, brisket to chicken, pig candy to gumbo, we ate, analyzed, debated and eventually crowned this year’s 2012 winners. Let’s get to the nitty-gritty…
DRJ Ribs 2
DRJ Ribs

        Best ribs went to DRJ Catering of Toms River for their Dry Rubbed Rib Platter. The hefty ribs were hickory, apple and oak smoked and succulent to say the least.
Memphis Pig Out 2
Memphis Pig Out Pulled Pork
             Best pork was awarded to Memphis Pig Out of Atlantic Highlands for their BBQ Pulled Pork Sandwich. Their plate-full of shredded pork was by far my favorite of the day. Juicy would be an understatement for this melt-in-your-mouth heap of happiness.

Ben's BBQ Catering 4
Ben's BBQ Catering Company Smoked Brisket
              As for best brisket, the winner was Ben's BBQ Catering Company of Newark for their Smoked Brisket.  The hearty slabs of meat were impressively smoky, fittingly.

Local Smoke Chicken 4
Local Smoke Whole BBQ Chicken
               And to round out the meat awards, best chicken went to Local Smoke of Cookstown/Neptune with their Whole BBQ Chicken. I honestly was salivating when going through my pictures as this bird was down-right delicious. The dry rubbed and smoked chicken was one to remember, for sure.

Ben's BBQ Gumbo 2
Ben's BBQ Catering Company BBQ Gumbo over Rice
             A best barbeque specialty award went to Ben’s BBQ Catering Company for their BBQ Gumbo over Rice. The flavors never seemed to stop while with each spoonful the heat escalated nicely.

            Needless to say, I had my fill of BBQ that afternoon. I don’t think I ate until lunch the next day! The funny thing was my first thought when I opened my lunch:  Man, I wish I took leftovers!
Yum yum...
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  1. I think pork loving Mama would have had a ball. Yum, Yum.