Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Hello Again & Cheers to Me!

                Alright so with this blog post and the next, I am accomplishing 2 things……
1. Having more of a personality on my blog
2. Showcasing one of my favorite meals ever
                First things first, as you know if you are a dedicated follower…the 9 of you out there,ha….that I usually just post recipes and reviews and that’s it. I don’t go into the back story or why I felt like trying something new or what my dog was doing while I was cooking, lol. No offense to those of you who do…..please keep reading……However, after following some really great food blogs recently, I found the one thing they had in common and hence why I liked them so much. Each blogger allowed me into their culinary world and I really enjoyed learning about it. They were funny, honest, and just genuinely into their hobby or, I suppose, blog. SO this is where I’ll start letting you into my culinary world. Aren’t you psyched???? Well, this is a test run I guess but I think it will bring more people to my page and let me share my recipes and reviews to others. Here’s to me!
The blogs I love:
Cupcakes & Cashmere
Table Hopping with Rosie, NJ Monthly
The Caged Ham

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